Flag of the Comunidad Valenciana
the sun and the flag are the perfect way to welcome all people of the world.
Fallas of the Valencia
international festival worldwide recognized
City of Arts and Sciences
twentieth-century modernist infrastructure that identifies Valencia
Albufera de Valencia
one of the greatest treasures that Valencian people and all humanity can have
282 existing beaches in the Comunidad Valenciana with a pleasant water temperature to bathe all year
Aquarium de Valencia
located in the City of Arts and Sciences
Serrano Towers
gateway to the ancient Valencia, where the beginning of the Fallas is given
Plaza del Mar de Valencia
it captures the essence of authentic Valencia, at the end of the Colón Street and ending at the train station
The Valencian people
Everyone talks about monuments, festivals, beaches and a hundred thousand other things but what is better by far is the VALENCIAN PEOPLE, people who like to please and help all nationalities "THE BEST OF VALENCIA
Americans Prefer Valence